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Code of Conduct:

This code of behaviour outlines the behaviour expected of all involved within Sanville Nursing Home, including visitors.The code of behaviour expected from all (including visitors) in Sanville 

Nursing Home is to;

  • Promote a culture of best care towards our service users with mutual respect for one another·
  • Protect service users from abuse, neglect or harm·
  • Use appropriate non-offensive language towards service user’s·
  • Respect the confidentiality of service users in Sanville Nursing Home·
  • Not accept money, loans or gifts from vulnerable adults·
  • Contact with service users will be person-centred and appropriate to the task required·
  • Be trained to understand and implement a vulnerable adult’s care plan, where required·
  • Report and record areas of concern or untoward incidents to the Nurse in charge/Registered Manager·
  • Only use restraint as a last resort and adhere to the Nursing Home’s Restraint Policy·
  • Be open to and aware of diversity in the beliefs and practices of vulnerable adults and their families·
  • Have regard to cultural and communication needs·
  • Report discrimination against vulnerable adults and their families by staff members·
  • Maintain clear and accurate records of vulnerable adult’s personal allowances, receipts and expenditure in line with organisational policy·
  • Ensure that any photographs/videos taken of a vulnerable adults are appropriate


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